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  1. Add credits to your account.
  2. Go to Scrape Now! and pase the link you want to scrape. Watch out for the URL it must not contain
  3. Click the Search button.
  4. Choose any day on the calendar (The days available have a circle background).
  5. Before start scrapping you must verify if the preview site is rendering the correct one.
  6. Click othe Start button.
  7. You can close the window, our tool will send you an email with the download link once your scraping is finish.
  8. You will get a Zipped file that contains all the files we could found in the scrapping process (Images, Html, Pdf, etc)
  9. Enjoy!


  1. How does the Archive Scraper work?

    We download the website that is saved on the wayback machine. We create all the files and directories and put it in the special zip file, you just have to deploy the zip file in your server and uncompressed it.

  2. How can I download all the files of my previous scrape?

    The Scraper will send you an email once the process ends and you will be able to download the ZIP file, remember that all your scrapes will expire in 7 days, after that the tool will delete the zip file from our servers.

  3. Is there an average wait time?

    This depends on the queue. The ArchiveScraper will send you an email once the scrape ends, the process could take a few minutes or hours depending of the size and how many content the page you want to scrape has or how many sites are in queue.

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